Wednesday, June 6, 2012

18 May 2012

Trail Days!!!

Trail Days is an annual hiker event that draws thru hikers, hiker enthusiasts, vendors, local people, and many pets.  It is a 3 day event that is comprised of talent shows, food, gear, give-a-ways, fellowship, hippies, lectures, and much much more.  I had a blast at this years Trail Days.

In Damascus we stayed at 'The Place'.

Trail Day's Talent Show contestants.  They ended up winning first place.

Sean riding a pig on our bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Action photo while bike riding the 35 miles of the Virginia Creeper Trail.

28 April 2012

After Hot Springs, NC I met up with Krispy and Candyman and lost Jim.  I haven't been able to get back in touch with him since, but I hope he is doing well and still trekking strong on the trail.  It seemed like all the books were wrong on their  mileage in this section.  We ended in Sam's Gap with the ultimate decision:  Keep hiking or call a shuttle to take us to Erwin so we could hit the Chinese Buffet which is only offered on Sundays.  The decision was made.  Chinese Buffet it was! 

While sitting in Sam's Gap waiting for the shuttle, we encountered trail magic from 2 sources.  It is amazing how much people do to help hikers.  An ice cold Soda on a hot day changes everything.  Thank you for that!

This is at Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel.  Great place with great restrooms!
23 April 2012

On the trail you meet people from a wide range of demographics.  They are here for their own unique reasons and in some way or another they touch your life for the better (and sometimes for the worst).  I had the oportunity to meet Big Brother and Little Brother from Austrailia.  After a couple weeks of hiking together it was their time to leave.  I will miss you guys.