Sunday, July 1, 2012

04 June 2012

I stayed in a Hostel called 'Wood's Hole' which I enjoyed immensely.  I arrived around dinner time and when the dinner bell rang, we held hands in a circle, said our trail names, where we were from, and what we were thankful for.  It was indeed awkward to begin with, but after other hikers said that they were thankful for the sun, fellowship, cool days, and places like Wood's Hole, we began to eat the most amazing organic, homemade meal.  I'm not sure if it was pure starvation or the hard work that went into the making of the meal itself, but still to this day, the meal at 'Wood's Hole' is the best I've had on the trail. 

One of the gates to their organic home grown veggies.

 One of many chickens running around the farm.

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