Tuesday, September 4, 2012

13 August 2012

I went to NYC with a few awesome hiker buddies of mine.  We were in Pawling, NY and just could not get out of there out of pure laziness.  We decided to get on the train to NYC at ~7pm.  We arrived ~9pm and was thrown into Times Square where we met this homeless man that invited himself to dinner with us and then tried to make us pay for his drink.  Maybe we looked like easy bait, but we stood our ground!  He has an IPhone so how homeless could he be right? 

I really wish this photo came out clear.  This is a man...in a bikini...and happily waving to everyone.

On the last night, we ended up at a bar until midnight and missed the last train back to Pawling.  We couldn't get a hotel so we ended up sleeping next to the public library.  A police officer stopped by and asked us about our situation during the wee hours of the morning.  When we explained to him that we were catching the 6am train, he let us stay there.  He even put up a fence so others couldn't see us.  That was the best trail magic ever!  This photo came out blurry too, but you can see Grady and Harrison asleep.  NYC was great!

This is the day after.  No one slept well on the street so we ended up at the laundry where everyone snoozed except me.  Our parents would be so proud.

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