Sunday, April 1, 2012

01 April 2012

Hello Friends,

Happy first of April!  I'm sitting here at the Saphire Inn in Franklin, North Carolina and am so thrilled to have made it thus far.  118 miles !!!!!

My feet are killing me and are starting to blister, but hopefully I can have that taken care tonight.  Also, my arms are so sunburned that they're starting to bubble, and my legs are covered with bug bites, but I'm having a blast.

I miss you all!

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  1. Right on kim! Proud of you! ... Xray was negative, MRI this thursday ... best news i can get is i can return to the trail maybe in may ... we can guess till the MRI but looks like when i hyper extended it i got a partial tear of the meniscus ... we'll see but with a brace and heavy anti inflamatory pills they said i could continue ... embrace the suck! Following you to maine!