Sunday, April 1, 2012

24 March 2012

Today we spent the day at Neels Gap where we restocked on our food.  The outfitter there is supposed to be excellent at shacking down peoples gears and lightening up their load.   I should have taken advantage of this, but I thought I could handle my 44 lb pack.    I was wrong.

This is the famous tree at the outfitters.  At this point my shoes belong here.

I belive this was Cowrock Mountain.

We started our hike at around 1:30pm to beautiful weather, but it turned into hours of rain and a hail shower (which I might add that I had a blast in).  We ended up at Hogpen Gap where we set camp.  This was the coldest night by far.  I had the hardest time keeping my toes warm so I ended up throwning my down jacket at my feet.

This is the morning fog at Hogpen Gap.

Hiker clothing hang trying to dry out from the night before.

This is Bills food back after it was ravished by a bear during the night/early morning~!~!~!~!  Ray's bag also got gobbled up and he had to hitch a ride to get more.  Apparently bears love tuna and sweets, but hate oatmeal and quinoa.

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