Thursday, October 18, 2012

07 October 2012

I spent a couple days hiking with Nutella in the 100 mile wilderness which has a reputation of being a bit difficult due to resupply issues and what-not.  The terrain began with a couple mountains, but nothing too strenuous.  The weather had been spotty with rain showers usually in the evenings which made the shelters so welcoming.  A couple nights ago, Nutella and I ran to a shelter in the rain around 7:00pm and were greeted by a group of high school weekend hikers that took over the shelter and showed no concern on our behalf.  I ended up hanging my hammock in the pouring rain while they sat and told ghost stories inside the shelter.  Have a little hiker etiquette! 

On this particular day, Nutella and I had the notion to make it to the White House Landing Hostel.  I wanted to experience this because you hike .9 on a blue blaze trail to a lake then toot a blow horn.  The hostel owner will hear that and pick you up with his boat!!  How cool does that sound?  This made a 28ish mile day for Nutella and I and because of that, we were running all day....literally.  This section of the 100 mile wilderness was flat, but because of the recent rain, mud soaked the trail which made it difficult to pick up speed.  However, we made it.  I was a little discouraged when on a tree I see a sign that said the hostel owner was a di*k.  We made it to the boat dock at 6pm, blew the horn and was picked up fantastically by the owner in his boat and we were greeted by a awesome group of hikers.  I couldn't have asked for a better group! 

White House Landing Hostel owners

Me, Chatty Kathy, Sacagawea, Tiny Dancer, Charlie Brown, Subway, Nutella, and 2 SOBOS

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