Thursday, October 18, 2012

08 October 2012

Ladies and gents, today a group of us entered into Baxter State Park with the hopes of summiting on the 9th.  We hear the weather is going to be exceptional.  The 10 mile hike today didn't go without some excitement. 

This is a view of Katahdin from Abol campground this morning. Isn't she a beauty?

In Maine there are a few rivers and streams to ford and here is a photo of Switchback doing so.  Do you see the frustration in his eyes?!

Unfortunately I fell in this same stream and my camera got damaged so not much photos beyond this.  I had to ask Nutella every time I wanted to take something which I'm sure annoyed him, but we are buddies.

When we arrived at Katahdin Stream Campground, everyone was celebrating.  Tiny Dancer, the guy on the far right with the red hat, saved a book of matches he received on Springer Mountain from a Ridge Runner named Jonathan.  He didn't know what he would get or not get when he returned them to Jonathan 2,184 miles later, but to our surprise, Jonathan cooked 2 delicious carrot cakes to celebrate our journey.  Thanx TD for keeping those matches!!  That night was so fun.

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